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Win a Mercedes AMG Supercar

I moved the hosting on my Sim64 site this week and whilst doing it found my old Win a Supercar pages

The original pages date back to about 2004 but these ones look more recent as they are using the photographs that I took.

One of these days I will get out and take some more photos as I’m pretty sure that’s not a Merc AMG on my Win a Mercedes AMG page 🙂

Somewhere along the line I messed up my win a supercar site project as I appear to have content spread across 3 different sites, some ranking for some models others for other models ranks for some models, ranks for some and even my old site ranks for some.

Out of the main phrases I was original targeting, these are the one’s that still appear top 10 in Google with the site that ranks highest next to it.

Win an Aston Martin –

Win an Audi –

Win a BMW –

Win a Ferrari –

Win a Jaguar –

Win a Mercedes –

Win a Porsche –

None of them really have many links pointing to them so why one ranks and not the other is down to Googles inner workings an there is no rhyme to reason why.

Strangely, the one I expected to do worst is currently winning 3 – 2 – 2

Win a Mercedes AMG

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